HR records keeping and payment for work

1. Management of record cards and their keeping in the Customer office;
2. Verification of completeness of the record cards;
3. Completing of pay slips;
4. Compilation of declarations and reports for social insurance institutions (in electronic format);
5. Compilation of declarations for financial institutions;
6. Compilation of forms for registering and striking off the register of workers and members of their families;
7. Letters about renewals of terms of payments to social insurance institutions;
8. Letters about receipt of tax clearance certificate in the contribution payment to social insurance institutions;
9. Compilation of references on employment and salary to:
    a. Pension fund.
    b. Bank.
    c. Local authorities.
10. Compilation of declaration for disabled rehabilitation centers;
11. Compilation of letters to the recruitment agencies in case of hiring the unemployed persons;
12. Preparation of employment contracts;
13. Preparation of mandate agreements and employment contracts on realization of certain work;
14. Preparation of warnings;
15. Preparation of appendices to the agreements;
16. Preparation of recommendation letters;
17. Making-out of monthly reports for insured persons;
18. Drafting of payroll records;
19. Accounting vacations as well as absences from work due to other reasons;
20. Determining of rights to paid vacations;
21. Reports on holiday leaves for a client;
22. Archivation and control over work time recording;

1. Management of record cards and their keeping in the Customer office; 
2. Verification of completeness of the record cards;
3. Completing of pay slips;
4. Compilation of declarations and reports for social insurance institutions (in electronic format);
5. Compilation of declarations for financial institutions;
6. Compilation of forms for registering and striking off the register of workers and members of their families; 
7. Letters about renewals of terms of payments to social insurance institutions; 
8. Letters about receipt of tax clearance certificate in the contribution payment to social insurance institutions;
9. Compilation of references on employment and salary to:
a. Pension fund.
b. Bank.
c. Local authorities.
10. Compilation of declaration for disabled rehabilitation centers;
11. Compilation of letters to the recruitment agencies in case of hiring the unemployed persons;
12. Preparation of employment contracts;

13. Preparation of mandate agreements and employment contracts on realization of certain work; 
14. Preparation of warnings;
15. Preparation of appendices to the agreements;
16. Preparation of recommendation letters;
17. Making-out of monthly reports for insured persons;
18. Drafting of payroll records;
19. Accounting vacations as well as absences from work due to other reasons;
20. Determining of rights to paid vacations;
21. Reports on holiday leaves for a client;
22. Archivation and control over work time recording;